Does Anyone Iron Anymore? Part 1

I thought I would take a small survey.

1.  Does anyone iron anymore?
2.  Do you send your ironing to the dry cleaners?
3.  Or, do you just not do it and think that no one will notice?

Well, a few weeks ago I was preparing to iron my son’s shirt for work and shortly after I plug in my iron, I heard a loud popping sound, the light went out, and it was not getting hot.  Ug.  Now what was I going to do?  I now have two irons that don’t work.  So with less then a half of an hour before my son had to leave for work, I had to do a #3 and send him to work feeling terrible.  Thankfully, this particular shirt didn’t look so bad.

I have always, since I can remember, ironed my clothes from my blue jeans to my dresses.  Now don’t think that I don’t know that you’re laughing at me right now because I used to iron my jeans, but that was the only way that I could get them back to the correct length after they were washed.  I am fairly tall and I didn’t want to get caught wearing “floods”.  So I would lay the legs out on the ironing board and stretch the side seams as I was pressing to pull that seam back to where it should be.  And when I was done, they were perfectly long once again!!

For the next couple of weeks we went without an iron and it was not only driving me crazy, it was driving my boys crazy as well because they don’t like to wear their clothes if they haven’t been pressed.  And I am very thankful that they feel that way.  But now I’m under a lot of pressure because I didn’t want to buy just any iron, and I was having a hard time finding what I thought I wanted.  With all the pressure on me, I drove to Menards, which is a 1/2 mile away, to see if they had an iron and they did, so I bought one.  Not one that I was looking for, but a fairly good one.

When it came time to iron, I realized that the buttons for steam and spray were on the wrong side for me and I was struggling to use this iron.  So I returned it.  I didn’t want to because I liked the iron and I needed one, but I couldn’t use it with the buttons on the wrong side.  So back to no iron again.

After about a month of me whining, complaining, and searching for a new iron, I asked my husband if he would fix my iron.  Notice how I didn’t say “try” and fix my iron, I just wanted him to fix it.  I spent just over $200 dollars on that thing and I needed and wanted it fixed now.


4 thoughts on “Does Anyone Iron Anymore? Part 1

  1. We still iron all of my guy’s shirts. Well, you notice I said “we”. Actually my handmaiden’s do all the ironing. :o) Sorry about your iron. Can’t wait to read part 2. ♥ this site!

  2. Sandy, I hardly ever iron a thing. When shirts, pants, etc. are hot but still fairly damp in the dryer, I take them out and put them on hangers right away. They finish drying crisp and smooth. Blessings! Patsy

  3. I’m kind of at an in-between stage right now. I used to iron EVERYTHING. Now I hang stuff up as soon as I pull it out of the dryer. When I take an item out of the closet to wear, I decide whether it needs to be ironed or if it will pass unnoticed. The reason I started doing it that way is that I have several shirts that are extremely hard to iron. But, yeah, when people ask if I like ironing, my answer is always a resounding “yes”! 🙂

  4. No, we don’t really iron. Yay for wrinkle-free cotton and tumble dryers!! In Africa we had to iron everything because we used a clothes line and the flies would lay eggs in the laundry.

    Are you going to finish??? Is there a part two? I’ve been very patient….till now.

    I like all the pictures. We need more of you though. There is only one, and it’s of the back of your head. Your hair looks very pretty though. =)

    From your PK,

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