August Bookbinding Class

Here are some pictures of our class in August 2011 at the Merry’s Home (thanks for hosting Gail!!).  It was enjoyable to have worked with these ladies and also meet some new people who have now become new friends!!  The photos aren’t in any particular order so make sure you take the time to look at each one.  Notice how they expressed their creativity.  It’s too bad that you can’t touch them and appreciate the beauty of them all.  Their books turned out great for a first hand at bookbinding.  Enjoy!!  

A “Sense and Sensibility” Book by Sara

Back View of Sarah’s Book

Front View of Sarah’s Book

Sarah’s Book in the Making, set in the Jig

Mrs. Storm and her daughter, Laura, Holding Books that Mrs. Storm Made

Rachel’s Book “The Lord of the Rings”

Tea Party on the Last Night of Class

Ranger Inks used to Distress Papers

Working on the Book Covers

Our Official Photographer, Landon

Book in the Design Phase

Black and White

Working Hard and Enjoying it!!

Out of Print “Heidi” Reprinted and Bound

Checking Form

Layout and Design of Cover


More Demonstration

Completed Text Blocks Tucked Away Waiting for the Next Step

Sewing Signatures

More Sewing

Punching Holes

Checking Hole Placement

Just Punchin’ Away 

Diana is Always Laughing and Smiling

Bethany Preparing Signatures for Sewing 

Rachel using the Awl

Kelle Choose Linen for the Fabric on her Book

“Paris” was Diana’s Theme

Kelle’s Book on the Left and Diana’s Book on the Right


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